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Yandere!Crush x Reader don't you dare say a thing. Apr 4, 2016. ... Bully!Big Brother!Ayato x Little Sister!Reader. May 2, 2017-LEMON- You and Ayato were never on good terms. He would always pick on you and tease you until the point it seems like you would cry. Those would be the times when either Shu or maybe Reiji would step in.

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18+ yandere writing blog, asks open. {features non/con and dark themes} mostly bnha, overwatch, danganronpa and stardew. check the 'my rules' tag for ask guidelines. oc masterlist. my ocs. more of my...

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Read Yandere Deku. from the story Yandere x Reader // My Hero Academia by your-yandere-kiss (Cherry) with 19,269 reads. deku, izukumidoriya, shoto.

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Anonymous said: hi! can i request yandere clark kent x reader. Injustice 2 universe, headcanons ty! Answer: Here you go! I had a lot of fun writing that, I hope you like it

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Yandere Bakugo x Reader . Summary: ... Bakugou Katsuki x Female Reader, Kirishima Eijiro x Female ReaderTW non-con, minor character death, nsfw.

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Uraraka would like to give you your space, and try to let you ease into your new routines at your own pace, and to her credit she has pretty good self-control-but sometimes she just simply can't help herself, and will squeeze you in her arms until you're sure you'll suffocate. Most of the time, honestly, it can't really be all that bad.

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Spin the Bottle: Iida x Reader. You span the bottle then looked to your friends, Jirou and Uraraka for reassurance. They each gave you a wide smile, then Uraraka winked to wish you good luck. It wasn't that you didn't want to play, but rather that you found the idea of kissing someone in front of so many people embarrassing.
Uraraka x Fem!Reader. Headcanons pt 3! Yandere!Monoma x Reader. Midoriya x Quirkless!Reader. Tsu x GenderFlux!Reader ¡Headcanons 4! Kaminari x Insecure!Reader. Dabi x Reader || pt. 1 ~an idea maybe?~ Bnha one shots! [slow updates] Yandere!Monoma x Reader. Mack
Yandere Deku Reader: F Summary: "Yandere Deku headcanons in general" That's What Friends Are For Reader: Gender Neutral Summary: Yandere Deku is caught by Uraraka in knowing he has a crush. Being the sweet girl she was, she's determined to help him talk to his crush, y/n.
yandere enji x reader. summary; since enji took you, you've only really missed one thing; your houseplants. no, wait, not the houseplants themselves. you miss the control you had over them.. a/n; for @neroesecuzioni. thank you for supporting the blm global network! read the sequel here. tw; kidnapping, dub-con, nsfw. word count; 3.4k Before Enji took you, all you had for company were your ...
Uraraka x Fem!Reader: She Prompt Playlist Event A/N: this hit too close to home… BUT I ADORED IT . Originally posted by tetsuruo. You watched as Uraraka happily danced around her room, a smile plastered on both your faces. “Ohhhh, I wanna dance with somebody!” She sung, before pulling an awkward dance move. “I wanna feel the heat of ...

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May 28, 2020 - Read Memes I stole off the internet :) from the story Snow -♡Heart♡ | Yandere!Todoroki x Female!Reader by AshleyIvie ([ T E M P U R A ]) with 2,734 reads. yan...